About Pink Gun


Neither PinkGun.com, nor any of it’s owners, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, partners, managers, shareholders, directors, officers, employees or other agents shall have any responsibility or liability to any user, or it’s principles or agents for any damages, whether special, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential, including any lost profits or lost savings, whether or not foreseeable and whether based on contract, tort, common law or any other theory of liability, statute or regulation, and user expressly acknowledges and agrees that such limitations are reasonable and in no event shall PinkGun.Com’s liability to the user exceed the fees actually paid by the user on this website.

Pink Gun is NOT a ‘gun dealer’, nor a ‘gun decorator’.

PinkGun.com is a ‘brand’; an experiment that combines art and firearms.  It is a informational resource, decoration marketplace and technology provider.  PinkGun makes money by working with other companies, through affiliate commissions, lead generation, and direct B2C Sales revolving around selling decoration kits, decoration services and accessories… but we do NOT have an FFL License, and we DO NOT SELL (NOR TOUCH) GUNS, OR ‘NFA/SERIALIZED’ PARTS.

For this reason, we are not under any obligation to provide any product or service to the end user – or is responsible for anything – including any event, any accidents, or any type of loss, injury, or death, which may arise out of use of this website.

The History of Pink Gun

In 2012 PinkGun.com (a subsidiary of ‘Florida Discount Guns’, now closed) conceptualized and introduced a new line of decorated firearms, catered to women shooters.

To do this, it created an interactive decoration tool, which allowed women to select a firearm, personalize it cosmetically to their individual tastes, and then purchase it and have it shipped to their local gun store for pickup and paperwork. This tool also allowed users to ‘Share’ an image of their creation with their friends on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, which not only drove social traffic into the App, but also generated crawlable links which were essential to #1 rankings in both Google and Bing, which drove hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site, at no cost.

In 2019 PinkGun.com was ‘re-started’, and is currently finding new footing, and strategic partners, in one of the countries oldest and honored industries.

Things to note about us…

PinkGun.com does NOT sell or decorate guns. Pinkgun.com is neither a gun dealer, nor are we a gun decorator; we are a technology provider that helps people purchase firearms and/or then personalize them to their individual tastes.

PinkGun.com does NOT charge consumers a fee to access our personalization software on this website, or to place an order with a third party product or service provider. We do this for liability reasons.

When you order any firearm on this website, you are buying that firearm directly from a THIRD PARTY Federally licensed gun dealer, NOT from PinkGun.com. In some cases, however, to avoid confusion, PinkGun may not to disclose the dealer’s name to the consumer, until the consumer is actually placing their order, because in some cases it depends on what is being ordered, where it is going, and if it is being bundled with other items, etc.

When you use the decoration tool on this website, and follow links associated with ordering firearms or decoration services or supplies, you are ordering those services directly from a THIRD PARTY gun customization and decoration service provider, NOT from PinkGun.com. Again, we only provide the online software consumers use to create a design they like, and can use to help communicate with the decorators, who provide the services they seek. Consumers who use these instruction sheets to order custom work from third party providers are doing so on their own time, and at their own expense and risk.

We facilitate the sale of firearms to end users, by acting as a marketplace, referral partner, and technology provider, where gun dealers, independently owned customization shops, and consumers come together to explore art and firearms.

We help consumers by developing technology which allows them to perform a variety of both ‘virtual’ and ‘brick and mortar’ tasks needed to select, personalize, and purchase a firearm of their choice, all from the comfort and privacy of their own home.  We do not charge them for this service.

We collaborate and consult with other companies to bring new firearms and accessories to the marketplace, at arms reach, when they want to test a product or service.