Terms of Service

Gun Buyers Beware!

We do NOT sell guns, and we do not decorate guns, but our Network of PinkGun Strategic Partners and FFL Gun Dealers do, and in general, many our partners (and others in this industry) do NOT offer returns, refunds, or substitutions on…

  • custom painting and decoration services
  • gun smithing, barrel porting, laser etching, engraving
  • any ‘Special Orders’, or ‘Limited Editions’.

…under any circumstances; it’s simply a liability issue.  So become an educated buyer, before to committing to make a purchase anywhere.  Once the ball is in motion, it’s usually impossible to stop.

Once a firearm has been customized, the manufacturer’s warranty is typically technically void, although, many manufacturers may still provide warranty repair free of charge, depending if the issue is unrelated.

It’s up to the customer to make sure the gun they want to purchase is legal to own in their area PRIOR to purchasing it, and they themselves are legally allowed to possess a firearm, prior to getting a background check and having the gun shipped to them.