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Dash Graphics (Carbon, Camo, Wood)


Dash Graphics  (Carbon, Camo, Wood) 001

Looking to add some detail on the inside!? Look no further!

Get the projects you need done with the designers in 3 simple steps

1. Identify the closest item in our store that resembles your project.

2. Choose your ideal design and make your purchase.

3. We'll promptly send you our safe and secure return mailer that you will then ship back to Pinkgun for processing using the supplied Return Label

This purchase covers the typical 6 piece dash kit ( 4 Vents and 2 middle console). Additional pieces are $15 each. Extra dash pieces for this purchase will not alter shipping costs.

Available Options: Carbon Fiber, Woodgrain and Vista G1 Camo

Base Coats: White, Typhoon Gray, Army Green and Lite Army Green

Additional Options: TWN Industries are the official supplier of films and some other material to Pinkgun. At TWN, you may browse an additional 400+ designs. Choose your design and let us know what you love !!

Once your order is placed, we send our safe and secure product container to you for easy self-packaging of your items. Container returning is always free.

If you are 'hyper local' (within the 275 Loop) feel free to bring your products in and skip the wait time!

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Dash Graphics  (Carbon, Camo, Wood) Dash Graphics  (Carbon, Camo, Wood)