New Patterns Are In From The Industry Leaders Themselves @TWN

Kryptek® Nomad is the perfect concealment solution for barren environments like deserts. High contrast and proper coloration reduces “blobbing” and masks your silhouette in desolate, hostile environments

Kryptek Obskura Transitional hydro dipping film uses prominent colorways found in transitional environments. These colors have a greater tendency to blend in with the ambient light reflected off of surrounding objects. Obskura Transitional’s effectiveness in the field is proven through military studies and analysis


Next Camo Vista™ is the perfect “stick and leaf” camouflage for Spring and Fall. This “White Backed” version provides enhanced detail and a more vivid image


Tech-Tron is a realistic circuit board hydrographic film that features a high definition display of individual electronic components with green highlights

Our Architectural Brown Marble hydro dipping film features a dark brown stone with white and clear crystals and veins

Designed to look like genuine travertine, this Water Transfer Printing film uses a color palette of orange, yellow, and pink and has a rusty aesthetic

Sport Carbon™ is a shockingly realistic carbon fiber hydro dipping film with a perfect balance of interlocking weave elements and smooth gradients. Sport Carbon looks like genuine carbon fiber, especially when our 15% sheen clear coat is applied over it

Silver Carbon Fiber Weave Water Transfer Printing film features a diagonal carbon fiber weave with silver coloration and a transparent background. The image pictured shows the pattern over a black base coat

Carbon Fiber Braided Weave Water Transfer Printing film features a high definition gray rope-like carbon fiber weave with a visible thread texture

Diamond Plate Water Transfer Printing film features a rigid metal plate design that is commonly found in truck beds and on vehicle bumpers.

One Nation Traditional™ is our most popular American flag Water Transfer Printing film. With its bold red, white, and blue, it stands as a true symbol of this nation’s core values and is sure to make your products stand out.

One Nation™ Traditional Reduced is a bold American flag Water Transfer Printing film. The pattern was crafted by our resident artists at TWN. It features photo-realistic texture and depth with vibrant flowing American flags. One Nation Reduced has been scaled down to 35% of the original One Nation Traditional pattern

One Nation Vintage™ is an American flag Water Transfer Printing film that has been weathered to signify the struggles and perseverance of the American people. The pattern is specifically designed to look old, worn, and rustic

Introducing Lone Star Pride™, a revolutionary Texas hydro dipping film designed with unparalleled authenticity and character. Lone Star Pride by TWN industries was hand-drawn in-house and features detailed longhorn skulls, intricate filigree, and the names of the most well-known cities in the state of Texas.

Amendments is an American Flag designer hydrographic film with unique historical amendment documents overlaid over flowing American Flags