How to Ship to PinkGun.

By Federal law, you may mail a firearm to PinkGun, but it is illegal for us to ship a firearm directly back to you by mail or private carrier, which means:

  1. Any firearm PinkGun ships to a retailer near you, will need to accept it on your behalf, and… (PinkGun Takes Care of this Process)
  2. You (the owner of the firearm), will need to pick it up from the retailer, in person and with the appropriate ID. Upon completing verification paperwork, there is a typically fee that ranges between $25-50 to complete the transfer. (No Fee’s at Authorized PinkGun Retailers)

Shipping Guidelines

Step 1: Carefully inspect your items, to ensure that they are in good working order. Check for any defects or blemishes BEFORE you send it to a PinkGun Processing Center; take pictures of the item, if possible.

Step 2: Carefully place your UNLOADED firearm inside the provided secure & rugged firearm container, with the magazine DETACHED from the firearm and place in its designated area.

Step 3: Here at PinkGun, we like to get things done!

Choose our NEXT DAY FedEx pick up (not recommended in urban neighborhoods).  Or, you may take/deliver your package to your local UPS, USPS or FEDEX location or PinkGun Retailer for shipment to PinkGun.

Shipping Notes: