How to Ship a Gun to a Decorator with a FFL.

By Federal law, you may mail a firearm to an FFL, but it is illegal for them to ship a handgun directly back to you by mail or private carrier, which means:

  1. Any gun you ship to a decorator for decoration will need to be shipped to a gun dealer (a.k.a. an ‘FFL’, or ‘Federal Firearm Licensee’) near you, willing to accept it on your behalf, and…
  2. You will have to pick it up from them, in person, with the appropriate ID, after completing some paperwork and paying them a fee that typically ranges between $25-50 to do the transfer.

Shipping Guidelines

Step 1: Carefully inspect your items, to ensure that they are in good working order. Check for any defects or blemishes BEFORE you send it to your decorator; take pictures of the item, if possible.

Step 2: Select a size appropriate package to ship your item. If possible use the original packaging, inside a second box.

Step 3: Are there any pieces that move around? Is this item fragile? These are the questions you should ask before packing your item. Once you have determined this you should wrap your item in bubble wrap and then secure the empty space in the box with more bubble wrap or foam.

Step 4: Secure your shipping box with a sturdy shipping tape. Include a copy of your order form, and a note with all your contact information.

Step 5: Make sure the correct FFL address you is printed on the box. Make sure that you have a return label affixed to the package.

Step 6: Ship the package. (SEE NOTES BELOW) We recommend that you use the optional insurance provide by the shipping company. We also suggest that you utilize the tracking / delivery confirmation service. This will come in handy in the event there is problem with the shipping.

Shipping Notes: